The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and  Pensions (Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances), Government of India would be hosting a meeting of Public Service Training Institutes in the Commonwealth in the form of a high level Seminar on Networking of the Institutes, from 4-5  October, 2005, in New Delhi.


2.     The aim of the meeting is to enable schools of public administration responsible for in-career training of civil servants,  keep abreast of best practices  and trends in training and knowledge development by beginning a discourse on improving the quality of training imparted to public administrators.  In order to evolve a mechanism to facilitate an ongoing relationship among these institutions across the Commonwealth that would enable them  to build upon each others experience, the above meeting proposes to bring  together Commonwealth schools of public administration and management to establish a network and to explore current issues.


3.     The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and  Pensions (D/o AR& PG) is playing a key role in facilitating the Strategic Plan 2005-07  developed by CAPAM  which intends to establish CAPAM as a `Center of Expertise’ in governance, public administration and public sector reform; as a `Center of Knowledge’ and as a `Network of Practitioners’ contributing to discourse amongst professional administrators.


4.     A Network of Public Service Training Institutions in India has been proposed by Training Division, Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India that would provide  opportunities for courses and training programmes to be developed for CAPAM members in specific areas of governance.  It could also provide a web-based learning and resource network online. The linkages among the training institutions in India will be useful for sharing training material, disseminating research findings, running distance-learning courses etc.  This will further enhance the quality of capacity building efforts of the participating institutions.   The proposed network of resource centers in India would act as the Regional Center of CAPAM.


5.       20 select institutions from India   who have shown interest are participating  in the network of Commonwealth public service training institutes.  The Institutes have identified major areas of focus/interest in which they can design suitable training programmes to meet the requirements of Commonwealth countries. They are equipped with necessary infrastructure, including training material, faculty available for hosting  courses.  CAPAM members may get in touch with  the respective institutes to avail of their services.


6.     The network of resource centers in India could disseminate CAPAM documents and material concerning excellence in public sector administration and management.  They can contribute in enrichment of Practice Knowledge Centre – the `Knowledge Bank’ of CAPAM – containing collection of material and publications from CAPAM affiliates and institutional members.



7.        CAPAM members could access a similar `Knowledge Bank’ to be developed and maintained by the participating training institutions in India and also to the digital repository of best practices – Governance Knowledge Centre - available with the Ministry of Personnel, Government of India.  The primary objective of the `Knowledge Bank/Digital Repository’ is to provide knowledge resources and reference that would help the members and Commonwealth public service training institutions comprehend, disseminate, share and augment their knowledge in the area of governance and public sector management.


8.     The concerned training institutes in India could offer customized programmes, region specific programmes/workshops and generic programmes for the CAPAM members and also offer distance learning opportunities. They could also offer consultancy services to the members as well.   

9.       The Training Division, Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India would be the nodal agency for the network of public service training institutions in India/CAPAM Regional Centre-India.