National Informatics Centre, Ministry of IT & Communications, New Delhi

      NIC  is  a premier S&T organization in the field of Information Technology under Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. It provides  Informatics Services  to Government departments at   Central,   Sates, Districts and block  Levels, ranging from conducting feasibility studies, designing and implementing  Information Systems, and decision support systems. It is playing a  major role in transformation of Government process to e-Governance. 


NIC’s nationwide ICT Network – NICNET with about 2000 satellite based nodes,  provides access to  internet, besides networking government offices at different levels with each other.


NIC’s other major services include  India Image portal, which hosts 3000 web sites, a  Data Centre having Storage Area Network (SAN) with 25 Terra Bytes on-line storage, integrated Network Operation Centre (iNOC),  Video Conferencing at 300 locations,  Digital Signature Certification Authority , GIS , Utility Mapping, CAD, e-Commerce, IT Training etc.

Its  training facility includes full fledged training centers  at Head Quarters and all state centers. These are  well equipped with state –of- the art training facilities like  Video Conferencing, Webcasting, Web meetings  E-learning infrastructure etc.

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