National Institute of Rural Development,

    The mission of NIRD is to facilitate rural development vigorously through government and non-governmental initiatives. NIRD is the country's apex body for undertaking training, research, action research and consultancy functions in the rural development sector. It works as an autonomous organization supported by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

 The Institute renders services to promote development of rural communities, specifically the poor. It has been given the mandate to: 

  • Conduct and assist training programmes, conferences, seminars and workshops for senior level development managers at the district level and above


  • Undertake, aid, promote and coordinate research on its own or through other agencies 


  • Analyze and propose solutions to problems in implementation of rural development programmes as a policy researcher and consultant.


  • Analyze and propose solutions to problems encountered in planning and implementation of the programmes for rural development

Disseminate information through periodicals, reports and other media in furtherance of the basic objectives of the Institute.

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